A Guide to Successful Organic Marketing Initiatives

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A Guide to Successful Organic Marketing Initiatives provides practical application of the business and marketing ideas developed from the EU research project OMIaRD. Businesses based on the collaboration between organic farmers often have resources of enthusiasm and considerable skill in agricultural production but lack the means and expertise to develop successfully in the face of rapidly changing market structures and conditions. It provides useful advice on the market and policy issues to take into account, and on preparing to establish a new business with farmer participation, managing the start-up phase, and on into consolidation of a mature enterprise. It will be useful for organic farmers, enterprise managers, and practitioners in rural and regional development. Further info on the project is available at the OMIARD-Website and from the Organic Eprints archive.

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Titel A Guide to Successful Organic Marketing Initiatives
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Autoren FiBL (Hrsg.) Otto Schmid, Ulrich Hamm, Toralf Richter, Andrea Dahlke
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