Organic Marketing Initiatives in Europe

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The second volume in the Organic Initiatives and Rural development series of reports deals with the formation and composition of collaborative enterprises involving European organic farmers. Organic Initiatives in Europe presents a broad overview of their structure in nineteen European countries, more detailed insights into the functioning and achievements of such collaborative enterprises in a smaller number of regions selected for the market and production setting, and an in-depth study of five businesses in Austria, France, Italy, and the UK to identify the characteristics which contribute to successful performance. Further info on the project is available at the OMIARD-Website and from the Organic Eprints archive.

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Titel Organic Marketing Initiatives in Europe
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Preis 30,00 CHF
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Autoren Bertil Sylvander, Niels Heine Kristensen
Herausgeber Bioland
Erscheinungsjahr 2004
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ISBN 978-0-9543279-1-0
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