Evaluating inputs for organic farming - a new system

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This CD contains criteria for the evaluation of plant protection products, fertilizers and soil conditioners to be used in organic agriculture. These ideas were developed in the course of the European Union Concerted Action project "ORGANIC INPUTS EVALUATION" (QLK5-CT-2002-02565). The documents can be downloaded free of charge from www.organic-research.org/organicinputs.html.

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Title Evaluating inputs for organic farming - a new system
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Authors B. Speiser, F. Blake, C. Micheloni, C. Stopes, M. Andersen, B. Baker, S. Bywater, S. Canali, R. Ø. Eriksen, V. Gonzalvez, A. Hozzank, L. M. Jespersen, L.N. Jørgensen, M. Kelderer, H. Kleeberg, C. Koopmans, B. Kromp, M. Manstretta, A. Maurer da Costa, MC. Monnier, A. Pauler, O. Schmid, A. Schreyer, A. Slabe, L. Tamm, M. Trapman, P. von Fragstein
Publisher(s) FiBL (Hrsg.)
Year of publication 2005
Edition 1st edition
Format List
Version CD / DVD
Language English
ISBN 978-3-906081-78-6
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